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Illini Mets Fall 2001 Meeting

Gary G. Bosselman, President of the Illini Mets

The Illini Mets' Fall 2001 meeting was Saturday, 3 November 2001. Indian Summer allowed many members to bring their cars. Photos below.

Meeting Summary

British Car Show Report
There were three Mets present (all Illini Mets!): Greenlee's, Brandys', and Teschky's
The heavy rain kept attendance down to 550 cars, instead of the expected 800.
The new location (Moraine Valley Community College) was a hit.
The technical sessions were a hit (because of their content, and because they were inside (dry!) Thanks to Illini Mets and BCU member Gail Brandys for organizing them.

Orphan Car Show Report
Ken and Etta McDuffy attended.
There were two Mets present.
It is a good show, especially for kids, and picnic-ers

Swap Meet/Picnic at Gary and Rosie Bosselman's
There were many parts to swap, and a delicious pot-luck picnic.
Everyone enjoyed the cake in honor of Ken McDuffy's (and Jack Benny's) 39th birthday!

Membership Report: We now have 79 members.

Additions to the Family
Jim and Fran Hill adopted Rita, Gary Bosselman's red and white convertible.
Gary Bosselman re-adopted a (now restored) 1956 hardtop that he originally rescued from the U.P. of Michigan in 1994.

Please e-mail John Teschky with anything you would like to add to the website.

Christmas Party
The Brandys' are hosting the Illini Mets Holiday Blow-Out this year. Please see the "Events" page of this site for more information.

Schedule for Next year
Frankfort Car Show
British Car Festival in September
Tech. Session?
Kenosha Convention/Regional Met Meet, 25-28 July 2002 (please see the "Events" page).
Please come to the Christmas Party with any additional ideas for events!
We need a volunteer to help Art Barto with the Springfield Route 66 Meet. Order your Club shirts from Gary! If anyone has other ideas or sources for club shirts, please contact Gary.

A fun time was had by all. Thank you Ken and Etta McDuffy for hosting this event.

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