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Illini Mets 25th Anniversary!

The ILLINI METS Welcome You!

Metropolitan:  Luxury in Miniature

Metropolitan MWelcome to the website for the Illini Mets, the Illinois Chapter of the Metropolitan Owner's Club of North America.

Metropolitan MWhat is a Metropolitan, and why have a club around it? Check our our Technical and Miscellaneous Information page, and our Member Cars page.

Metropolitan MIf you are already in love with the Metropolitan, or have fallen in love with it after learning about it here, please consider joining our fun group (Hey, we drive Metropolitans, we must have a sense of humor!). Membership information is on our Membership page. Our officers, and other member contact information are also there

Metropolitan MAre you already a member? Then peruse our past and present Newsletters.

Metropolitan MLooking for a place to cruise with your Met, or want to see Mets close-up? Check out the Events.

Metropolitan MBe sure to click on our Links to learn more about Mets and friends of Mets.

Metropolitan MBefore you leave, please sign our Guestbook, check out our Message Boards, and possibly pause for a Chat


We hope we put a smile on your face! Metropolitans have that effect on people.

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